From 0 to 50 000 users: the Bunkr story.

Two years ago, Bunkr’s idea was born in our minds. All three we have embarked, our courage between our hand, to grow up step by step and day after day. Today we are six, in around 150 countries and with more than 50 000 users. Two months after the beginning of this great and promising year 2014, we wanted to go back together to the Bunkr’s story.

bunkr team alexis jean christophe edouard

Bunkr’s story began in Paris in early 2012. At that time, we were working in public relation agencies and we were creating presentations on a daily basis. We thought professionals were spending too much time and energy creating their presentations.

For several weeks, we looked for the ideal tool to create our presentations efficiently, but in vain. After inconclusive tests of several apps and services, we met Jean-Christophe, a web development engineer, and we decided to embark upon the start-up adventure.

In September 2012, we left our jobs in Paris, and moved in a flat in Rouen to full-time develop Bunkr  and revolutionize presentation creation.

December 18, 2012: we launched the beta version.

bunkr app beta

Three months after our adventure began, we rolled out the first version of Bunkr. It was a simple version, aiming to collect feedback from users in order to validate our vision for the product. Very quickly, over 1000 people were connected to the application and gave us their inputs about our work.

At the same time, Bunkr version 1 was in progress and being refined thanks to our first users’ opinions. Four months later, the beta phase ended with more than 1500 users, around a hundred presentations created, and nearly 500 messages from users who gave us their opinions and suggestions.

April 24, 2013: the arrival of v1

founders bunkr alexis jean christophe edouard

Four months after the launch of Bunkr’s beta version, we launched the first public version of the Bunkr application. This version was intended to unveil our vision to the general public and reveal our ambition of competing with the giant, PowerPoint, by bringing a new value to the market.

Thanks to the great enthusiasm of our community of beta testers on social networks, and a good relay in the media, we quickly reached 5,000 users in more than 90 countries. Bunkr was successfully launched!

map user bunkr launch v1

Following the launch, we were fortunate to be solicited to participate to various start-up competitions. We won awards in Paris at TNW Startup Awards, in Nantes at Web2Day, in Cologne at Pirates Summit, in Vienna at Pioneers Festival, and in Lyon at Blend Mix Web.

bunkr on stage alexis jamet

Meanwhile, the Bunkr users community continued to grow and we continued to collect feedbacks to start work on the application’s new version.

October 15, 2013: Bunkr v2 by Etamin Studio

etamin studio bunkr v2

Six months after the public launch and 35,000 users later, we launched version 2 of the Bunkr application. The new interface, designed in collaboration with Etamin Studio, recreated the UX and UI based on feedback analysed from our first users. Once again, we were met with success: overall use of the application increased by 20%!

What’s next?

map bunkr

Right now, Bunkr’s entire team continues to work hard to improve the application and going further to simplify presentation creation. Last week we launched our new website now available in 7 languages (french, english, german, spanish, chinese, portuguese and russian), and some new app’s features (auto-saving, new editor). We hope you’ll be happy to discover everything. Feel free to send us feedback about that.

To build Bunkr as you dream it,  we are hiring! We are looking for the best engineers and the best marketers to write the next chapters of this beautiful story. We can see our offer at this page:

Every day, the Bunkr community grows a little bit more. Right now, there are more than 50,000 users who have chosen Bunkr to make their presentations. Feel free to join the community!

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